SEO in Animal Health

Two cows are eating grass

Animal Health

We are extremely proud of the work we do to help our healthcare clients, but why stop at two-legged patients? Of course, that passion extends to our four-legged furry companions too!

Animals help contribute to our physical and mental wellbeing, so ensuring they stay healthy and their carers informed is top of our list.  That’s why we have launched a global animal health division dedicated to helping clients put the right online health care solutions at the fingertips of every veterinarian, pet owner, and farmer.

Two cows are eating grass

The Opportunity

How often do we really pay attention to what our customers are telling us through their behaviours? Whether your customers are vets, farmers or pet owners, they don’t just vote with their feet; they vote with their fingertips online. Search insights can uncover a wealth of information about their wants and needs, and we’re here to help you leverage those insights in order to drive greater customer-centricity and brand growth.

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“SEO can and should permeate every aspect of a sophisticated marketing plan. From search insights feeding broader campaign messaging and strategy, to ensuring press releases and YouTube videos can be found online, to building new websites with the audience and Google in mind from day one. Animal health companies who are brave enough to jump in and embrace it have a unique opportunity to be disruptive and really drive competitive advantage for their brands”
-Hannah Watts, Head of Animal Health

How can we help you?

A great website should be able to attract reliable organic traffic without the need to use paid media. More often than not, there is a robust appetite for the messages you want to deliver; however, if Google can’t find your content or doesn’t view it as trustworthy, it won’t serve it on page one …and barely anyone visits page two or beyond! Even the most attractive website becomes nothing more than a shop window with the shutters down. All that time and financial investment is wasted on content no one sees.

We work with you to ensure your website’s content is aligned with what your customers are seeking and that Google understands and values it.  As a result, your website dominates organic search results, equalling more conversions and measurable brand growth.

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Why Animal Health?

We are experts

With over 16 years of experience in navigating digital in pharma, where other agencies step away from this highly regulated space, we lean in!

We’re so much more than a multi-disciplinary agency that does SEO. We are a pure-play SEO and performance marketing agency with a team led by deep category experts who know and understand the space, what works, what doesn’t, and how to drive results. We keep up with the ever-evolving world of digital and can help you make the most of it for your brand.

We make it simple

Whether you know SEO and are trying to drive further engagement and refine your strategy, or don’t know where to begin, we demystify digital and can support you every step of the way.

With vast experience working with global and local affiliates to train teams and launch SEO programmes of all sizes, we can help you and your team on the road to SEO success without anyone feeling left behind.

We care

Our team is your team. We care about the performance of your website and your brand like it’s our own. With us, you get the bespoke and personable service of a boutique agency, with the flexibility of global scale. We take the time to truly get to know you, your team, and your brand so that we can tailor solutions for maximum impact.

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